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In Florida, the online unemployment system is not working. Interface glitches, missing support services, hold music heard ad nauseum … this is all to be expected from Florida’s CONNECT system. Today, some Floridians still haven’t seen a single penny in benefits. Now, the governor has called for an investigation into the system’s initial contract and has admitted publicly that the system may have been designed to discourage users from, well, using it. After a deep dive into the history of the state’s attitude towards federal unemployment as a whole, it’s clear that there’s more going on in Florida than just a faulty computer system.


Made to Fail is produced by The Hub Project, Goat Rodeo, and the Roosevelt Institute.


From the Hub Project, executive producer is Laura Hatalsky. Producers are Sasha Stone, Zach Praiss, Sophie Elliott, and Dan Crawford. Arkadi Gerney is Executive Director. From the Goat Rodeo Team, Executive Producer is Megan Nadolski, Producers are Char Dreyer and Zachary Frank. Ian Enright is Chief Executive Officer. From the Roosevelt Institute, our Senior producer is Steph Sterling. 


Our host is Elliot Williams. 


This episode was written by Char Dreyer, Elliot Williams, and the good people at the Hub Project. 


Thanks to Representative Anna V Eskamani, Michele Evermore, William Spriggs, and Steve Wandner. A very special thanks to Lily and Lauren, for sharing their stories. 


You’re listening to a performance from Lauren’s husband, Scotty Long. He’s playing the Florida state song which is called --ironically-- Old Folks at Home. To hear more of his music, visit

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