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During the week of the Republican National Convention, the Hub Project and Roosevelt Forward hosted a live-stream launch event to elevate the stories of Americans across the country, call attention to the conservative policies that got us to where we are today, and offer a way out of this crisis. 


Secretary Julián Castro joined Made to Fail host Elliot Williams, President & CEO of Roosevelt Forward Felicia Wong, President & CEO of the NAACP Derrick Johnson, and President of Community Change Dorian Warren of Community Change in conversation about the conservative movement’s decades-long effort to deliberately undermine America’s key institutions.


The discussion centered around how conservative ideology has intentionally gutted America’s social safety net, corrupted our institutions, and made the government unaccountable to the American people.


Made to Fail is produced by The Hub Project, Goat Rodeo, and Roosevelt Forward


From the Hub Project, executive producer is Laura Hatalsky. Producers are Sasha Stone, Zach Praiss, Sophie Elliott, and Dan Crawford. Arkadi Gerney is Executive Director.


From the Goat Rodeo Team, Executive Producer is Megan Nadolski, Producers are Char Dreyer and Zachary Frank. Ian Enright is Chief Executive Officer.


From Roosevelt Forward, our Senior producer is Steph Sterling. 


Our host is Elliot Williams. 


Thanks to the Collective Agency for their hard work on producing our Facebook Live event. 


Special thanks to our event panelists Julián Castro, Derrick Johnson, Felicia Wong and Dorian Warren for sharing their expertise.


To learn more about how conservative policies have set up millions of Americans for failure in the face of a crisis, visit


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